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Zoe claps back after Lebo M’s wife insinuates she’s an absent mom


‘I would like to caution the current wife against believing and acting upon false narratives,’ said Zoe Mthiyane about Pretty Morake.

South African actress Zoè Mthiyane has shared a cheeky response to Pretty Samuels-Morake, her former fiancé and child’s father Lebo Morake’s new wife. This after Pretty responded to comments by Zoè claiming that Lebo M was difficult to co-parent with compared to her other child’s father esteemed sportscaster Robert Marawa who she says is the perfect co-parent.

Pretty alleges that there is no-co parenting agreement between Lebo M and Zoè because Zoe is an absent mother – something Zoè disagrees with.

Zoè Mthiyane responds to Pretty Morake’s clapback

Zoè Mthiyane definitely isn’t one to keep quiet when it comes to personal matters.

The former Generations: The Legacy actress recently ruffled Lebo Morake and his wife Pretty Morake’s feathers after saying that Lebo M was difficult to parent with.

“Parenting with Lebo is impossible. We had to find ways to cope with that fact. However, I am lucky to have had intensive therapy, valuable advice, and support to lean on. I practice gentle parenting as I learned early on that each child is born with their personality,” she told Sunday World.

Responding to the accusations, Lebo M’s wife Pretty basically said that Zoè wasn’t very involved in the child’s life.

“In my efforts to maintain the dignity of my family, but most importantly to protect the wellbeing of our kids, I have chosen to remain silent. But given the severity and nature of these allegations, I can no longer remain silent whilst my children are attacked and associated with such defamatory statements in the media,” said Pretty according to Zalebs.

“After the tragic accident, the courts gave my husband custody of the child and ordered  Mthiyane to undergo rehabilitation and therapy so that she may one day be considered a fit mother. Our daughter has been in my husband’s care for the past few years and her primary residence is with us,” she concluded.

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A very sensitive topic

Zoè responded to this by writing that Pretty was buying into false narratives created by Lebo. She also added that the subject must be approached with caution because the child is still a minor.

“This is a sensitive topic involving my minor child. I would like to caution the current wife against believing and acting upon the false narratives that her husband has created about myself and others as a means to continue the abuse I escaped seven years ago,” she said in a The Citizen article.

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