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What’s Next — Hylton Kallner discusses how Discovery Bank reached 1,000,000 customers


Hylton Kallner is an actuary, business builder, and the Chief Executive Officer of Discovery Bank.

He has been a part of the Discovery ecosystem since 1996, and he has served in multiple executive positions during this time.

Kallner began his Discovery journey as a key part of various marketing, actuarial, and strategic projects before becoming the company’s Chief Marketing Officer in 2006.

He then served in multiple CEO positions at Discovery Limited — becoming the Discovery Life CEO in 2016, the Discovery South Africa CEO in 2020, and finally the Discovery Bank CEO in 2021.

Kallner’s vast experience at Discovery Limited and the understanding of its business model he gained during this time have positioned him to drive growth at Discovery Bank.

Under Kallner’s guidance, Discovery Bank aims to create greater banking value for people who manage their money well through its famous shared-value model.

In this What’s Next interview, Kallner meets with Aki Anastasiou to discuss Discovery Bank’s latest milestones and offerings.

He highlights Discovery Bank’s incredible growth and success since its launch in 2019, and how this culminated in it recently reaching a million subscribers.

Kallner then discusses his favourite Discovery Bank tools, including its financial analyser and Forex product.

He also talks about several new products Discovery Bank has launched, including Discovery Pay-as-you-Gym.

He and Aki conclude by touching on how Discovery Bank’s product caters directly to its customers by listening to their needs.

The full discussion with CEO Hylton Kallner, where he unpacks many more of Discovery Bank’s offerings, is embedded below.

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