We tested Vodacom’s 600GB for R299 Black Friday deal — with impressive results


MyBroadband tested Vodacom’s 600GB for R299 Black Friday deal and was thoroughly impressed with the performance of the service.

The deal offered 300GB anytime and 300GB night owl data for R299 per month on a 24-month contract.

It formed part of Vodacom’s Black Friday deals which offer up to 70% discounts throughout November.

According to the advertisement, the price was slashed from the usual R999 per month which equates to a saving of R16,800 over the contract period.

MyBroadband purchased one of these deals on 12 November and received the SIM card on 22 November.

The invoice shows that the service’s normal price is R1,099 per month, and that we receive a R800 discount on this price.

The discount according to the invoice is R19,200 over twelve months — higher than the advertised R16,800.

The total monthly cost, which includes Contract Cover Plus for R9.99 per month, was R308.99. There were, therefore, no hidden costs or surprises.

After we received the SIM, we followed the steps in the Vodacom app to self-RICA the SIM. The next morning the SIM was active.

The SIM worked in smartphones and fixed mobile routers, and it was not locked to a specific tower, as is the case with some Home Internet services.

We also discovered that the SIM connected to Vodacom’s 4G and 5G networks.

In areas with good 5G coverage, we received download speeds of over 500Mbps using a Huawei P40 Pro smartphone.

We also tested download speeds on Chrome, Steam, and downloading a torrent. Chrome and Steam both had good results, with download speeds of up to 272Mbps and 208Mbps respectively.

Downloading Ubuntu through qBittorrent only reached 56Mbps. This may point to peer-to-peer traffic throttling, but this is only speculation.

In areas without good 5G coverage, using the Vodacom 4G+ network offered a good alternative with an average download speed of 58Mbps.

A summary of our test results can be found in the table below.

Vodacom Black Friday Deal Speed Tests
TestDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)Latency (ms)
5G Speed Tests Average3335119
4G+ Speed Tests Average581135
Download Speeds on 5G
TestDownload Speed (Mbps)
Chrome Downloads272
Steam Downloads208
Torrent Downloads56

Chrome Download

Steam Download

Torrent Download

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