Watch: Hilarious fail as TikTok attempts to pronounce South African names


The TikTok computer FAILS miserably while trying to pronounce South African names. This is an absolute must watch!

As South Africans we all go through so much. No electricity for hours on end, plenty of crime, corruption and even no water. Another thing we have to add to that list, is the TikTok text-to-speech being completely useless at pronouncing our own names. Like it’s not just bad, it’s completely and utterly horrible.

TikTok and South African names to the rescue: If you don’t laugh, you cry

Bheki Cele. Or any Cele for that matter. The TikTok text voice can only manage to say “Cele” as “seal”. As you can see, this is the latest challenge and arguably most crucial one facing the country. It can’t even handle the Afrikaans names.

Thankfully, for the sake of laughter, TikTok user cutielunar made the discovery. Some of her videos with the South African names pronunciations have racked up millions of views.

And if that wasn’t enough… There are plenty more South African names that have been attempted.

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So if you’re looking for a laugh this week, be sure to open your TikTok or ANY app that has text to speech. Put some of the most South African names you can think in there, and sit back and enjoy.

Eish, maybe one day technology will put some respect on our names.


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