The beef is back on! Inno confesses to having Gigi Lamayne sex tape


Round two: Inno Morolong is back in Gigi Lamayne’s bad books after confessing to being in possession of a sex tape belonging to the rapper.

Gigi Lamayne and Inno Morolong may have appeared to bury the hatchet of their virtual beef this week, but all is not what it seems…

…and it’s not over according to the female rapper who announced plans to sue the influencer once again.

Gigi is accusing Inno of being in possession of a sex tape of her. And Inno admitted it’s all true.


A day after appearing on camera together to put an end to their public catfight, Gigi Lamayne tweeted that all was not well.

In a since-deleted post, the Slaap Tiger hitmaker claimed that her ex-boyfriend had sent Inno Morolong a sex tape of her.

She tweeted: “The most important thing I can do is tell the truth. I’ve been threatened with explicit content sent to her [Inno Morolong] apparently by my ex wanting to destroy me”.

Gigi then suggests her video footage with Inno was “blackmail”, although she did not state who is blackmailing her.

She added: “The video yall saw of me saying “chomi” etc was just that – blackmail. I should’ve just told the truth. I’m sorry it came to this”.

Gigi then claimed she would be proceeding with her lawsuit against Inno, despite saying during the Instagram Live video that she had dropped it.

She tweeted: “I’m going to have to continue with a case with additional charges. I know better now and I’m sorry”.

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In an interview with Daily Sun, Inno Morolong admitted to being in possession of Gigi Lamayne’s sex tape.

She also added that Gigi had relaunched her defamation lawsuit against her over fears that the social media star would leak the tape.

But Inno claimed that it was not her plan to do so. “I am going to show her and delete it,” she told the publication.

Gigi Lamayne’s legal representatives believe otherwise. They said in a statement: “These statements or videos were clearly intended to be widely circulated with the intention of humiliating and further undermining her reputation given her high public profile”.


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