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Recipe of the Day: Tasty coffee cupcakes [Video]


When it’s time for coffee, you should double-up with these tasty coffee cupcakes, perfect for tea time and snack on the go.

What do you need in the morning when you wake up? If your answer is coffee, what you need is a hot cuppa’ and remember to have some breakfast, so why not grab one of your freshly baked coffee cupcakes? This simple recipe is fun to make with your family, and you can make them into cupcakes or larger muffins.

You can use your own espresso machine or instant coffee to make these tasty treats alongside the simple cake ingredients. Add some coffee or chocolate chips into the mixture too and top them with nuts if you want some crunch and extra flavour. The recipe video below shows you exactly how it’s done.

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Tasty coffee cupcakes recipe

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