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NGO slams Anele’s GBV post: ‘Put money where your mouth is’


‘Is that tweet enough?’: Women For Change have called Anele Mdoda to task over her comments about GBV on Women’s Day.

Non-profit organisation Women For Change have had stern words for media personality Anele Mdoda, who tweeted her disdain over a series of gender-based violence (GBV) attacks amid Women’s Day celebrations.

The activists have previously shown their support to several celebrities, including Andile Mpisane’s ex-girlfriend Sithelo Shozi, Monique Muller, whose ex-boyfriend is Katlego Maboe, and Jub Jub’s ex Amanda du Pont, who all accused their partners of domestic abuse.


In light of recent GBV tragedies – like the gang-rape of eight women in Krugersdorp – Anele Mdoda revealed that she would not be celebrating Women’s Day this year.

She tweeted:

“I wonder if the eight women who were gang raped are having a happy Women’s Day? Please spare me any good wishes on this day. We as women are in hell. We are burning and men say it’s not that hot. I wonder how hot it has to get. Don’t wish me anything mna. Leave me alone”


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She added in a follow-up tweet:

“The irony of freedom of movement is not lost on me or any of the women in this country that can’t move because y’all rape and kill us at a whim. And yes it’s for simply having a vagina. The same vaginas y’all take by force”


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When one male follower did not agree with her stance, Anele responded in a tweet: “Sorry. Please don’t kill me”


Following Anele’s outspoken tweets, Women For Change shared their own thoughts around GBV and action taken against it.

Their account responded: “I wonder what our celebrities have done on Women’s Day… Did they protest? Did they support or donate to any NPOs? Or is that tweet enough?

“If the 8 women had a happy Women’s Day?! Of course NOT, they haven’t received counselling or legal advice by now!”


Tagging Anele, the NGO added: “Why don’t use your energy, and your celebrity status to really push for change? Why don’t you put your money, where your mouth is? You have the power to make a change, still nothing… just tweet after tweet…”


Women For Change are currently calling on South Africans to sign a petition for the forceful removal of Minister of Police Bheki Cele, whose action – or lack of it – around GBV has been heavily criticised.

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