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New report shows Openserve preferred over Vumatel, Vodacom, and Frogfoot


Analytico’s 2022 South African Broadband and ISP Brand Report revealed that Openserve is the most popular fibre operator, followed by Vumatel, Vodacom, Frogfoot, and Metrofibre.

The report is based on survey responses from 5,973 South African broadband subscribers collected in May 2022.

It revealed that most consumers would pick a fibre connection if they had a choice, but it does not mean LTE and 5G are not popular.

22% of respondents picked LTE and 5G over fibre because of the lower price, faster installation, and better coverage.

The research further revealed that fibre’s popularity declines as the technical skill levels of the respondents decline.

84% of tech-savvy consumers picked fibre over 5G and LTE. Only 55% of people who know little about technology made the same choice.

Preferred Broadband Technology
Technology Percentage
Fibre 78.04%
5G 15.42%
LTE 6.54%

The report showed that Openserve is the preferred fibre provider, followed by Vumatel, Vodacom, Frogfoot, and Metrofibre.

Openserve is the preferred fibre network operator among tech-savvy people and those with basic technical knowledge.

Vodacom topped the list among people who know little about technology — most likely because of brand recognition rather than thinking Vodacom has the best fibre network.

Openserve was the most popular choice in Gauteng, Durban, and Port Elizabeth, while Vumatel reigned supreme in Cape Town.

Frogfoot featured prominently in Port Elizabeth, while Cape Town-based Octotel had a standout performance in the mother city.

The full report is available from Analytico.

Preferred Fibre Operators
Fibre Operator Percentage
Openserve 30.25%
Vumatel 26.06%
Vodacom 12.77%
Frogfoot 8.54%
MetroFibre 7.39%
Octotel 4.66%
HeroTel 4.02%
Supersonic 3.92%
EvoTel 1.60%
TTConnect 0.79%

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