New ‘challenge’ takes off in SA as two viticulturists show off their ‘blends’


A new viral challenge? Two viticulturists are showing off their respective ‘blends’ on social media, and South Africans are loving it.

After social media users were left swooning over a photo of viticulturist, Nicol De Villiers from the Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery in the Western Cape, another viticulturist took to social media to show off his “Old Man Blend”.

The battle of the viticulturists in South Africa

According to Good Things Guy, Jannie de Clerk, the viticulturist at Groote Post Vineyards hilariously showed off his “Old Man Blend” as a clap back to Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery’s post of their viticulturist, De Villiers (seen below), on International Merlot Day.

Image: Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery/Facebook

‘Our viticulturist

“Meet OUR viticulturist: Jannie de Clerk, Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery you’ve got nothing on us,” Groote Post Vineyards said on Facebook with the two pictures next to each other.

If you did not know, a viticulturist specialises in the cultivation or culture of grapes, especially for winemaking. Viticulturists with advanced degrees are often found developing, breeding, and evaluating new varieties of grapes.

A new viral challenge?

Social media is convinced this has sparked a new viral challenge in South Africa:

“Modern problem requires modern solution [sic]…if uu can’t beat em join em,” said one Facebook user in the comments. “We see a viral challenge about to take place…. Good luck to all the winemakers,” said another.

South Africans have the best sense of humour

Earlier this year, a Twitter post from the GCIS in the Eastern Cape went viral after a rather “dishy” doctor got his COVID-19 vaccine. What’s more, at the end of last year, Boerboel Wear, a proudly South African camo and outdoor clothing brand caused a stir on social media when they posted a somewhat raunchy advertisement promoting their new denim Kalahari shirt.


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