Murder LATEST: Accident leads to police nabbing killer ten years on


Justice finally caught up with the murderer when he was involved in a car accident in his victim’s vehicle.

Justice finally court up with Serbian murderer Jeftic Nebojsa who has been found guilty and sentenced for murder ten years after committing his horrific crime in Sekunda.

National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson, Monica Nyuswa, said that Nebojsa, 61, had this week been found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison for the killing of Mile Viljkovic, 63, in November 2011. He appeared in Middleburg High Court where his sentence was handed down on Wednesday.

“Nebojsa came to Secunda to look for employment and was introduced to the deceased by his friend,” Nyuswa said.

“The deceased, Viljkovic was residing with his 16-year-old son until they were joined by Nebojsa whom the deceased offered to stay with in his house from September to November 2011,” she said.

She said that on the morning of 02 November 2011, Viljkovic had  taken his 16-year-old son to a local school and returned home, while Nebojsa was preparing to leave Secunda to travel to Gauteng. 

“When the deceased’s son came back from school, he found the gate locked in their house and jumped the fence but to his surprise, the house was also locked. He was then joined by his classmate,” Nyuswa said.

“As they peeped through the window, they saw the deceased’s body lying in a pool of blood. They had to break the door to gain entry. They found  Viljkovic dead and reported the matter to the police,” she said.

Nyuswa said the police had been unable to find the perpetrator and an inquest docket to determine th cause of death had been opened.

Murder finally solved when suspect crashes car

“In 2018 Nebojsa was involved in a motor vehicle accident in the Northern Cape near Carnavon, driving the deceased’s motor vehicle. He was also found with the suspected stolen goods including an illegal firearm and was subsequently arrested,” Nyuswa said.

Nebojsa pleaded not guilty and the state relied on circumstantial evidence and the deceased’s son as state witness whose evidence was found to be credible. “The post-mortem report confirmed that the deceased’s cause of death was head injuries,” she said.

Judge, Bruce Langa found Nebojsa guilty of murder and sentenced him to life imprisonment.  The matter was successfully prosecuted by advocate Tebogo Molefe who working closely with the police to solve the crime. 


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