MEC calls for probe into boys’ video attack on elderly woman


The video of a group of young boys kicking and punching an elderly woman has been shared widely on social media.

KwaZulu-Natal Social Development MEC Nonhlanhla Khoza, has expressed her disgust at the brutality displayed by a group of young boys who attacked an elderly woman in Lamontville Township, South of Durban.

A disturbing video circulating on social media depicts young boys in an argument with senior citizens on the street before one is kicked and punched. 

Khoza said she had assigned a team of social workers to visit the abused woman to provide counselling and assist her to ensure that a criminal case was opened.  She said social workers would also immediately investigate what could have lead the boys to have behaved so aggressively towards the  elderly woman. 

“The behaviour depicted in the video is condemned in the strongest terms and that young boy has to face the might of the law. Our country is governed by laws where violation of human rights can never be tolerated. What we have seen is a really high level of moral decay in society,” she said.

Khoza said the public humiliation of an elderly woman should never be tolerated.  She said it would not be that difficult to identify the perpetrators as the video in circulation shows other children dancing and socialising while the attack was taking place.

It is apparent that the young boys in the video had planned to attack the old woman, she said.

Woman’s attackers will be dealt with seriously

“The area of Lamontville is among many that we are running anti-drugs and substance abuse campaigns. We take that incident in the video very seriously and it requires our urgent attention and action consistent with maintaining public confidence in our government in building a solid foundation of families,” she said. 

Khoza said the increasing incidents of  abuse, sexual violence and murder of women was cause for concern. She added that young people who end up as hardened criminals started by committing crimes that were sometimes ignored.

“It is very important for us to deal with the situation and identify the causal factors of such behaviours. Ill-disciplined children are not going to escape the law just because they think the state will be lenient on them,” she said. 

Khoza called on all citizens to stand together to curtail the scourge of gender-based violence, murder and the rape of women and children.

She also called on the police to work around the clock to ensure that the perpetrators involved in the attack of the old woman face the full might of the law.

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