Masechaba Khumalo: ‘Jub Jub raped me too, in Mama Jackie’s house’


Masechaba Khumalo stands in solidarity with Amanda du Pont claiming she was also raped by Jub Jub in his mother’s house.

Broadcast journalist and spokesperson to minister Nathi Mthethwa, Masechaba Khumalo stands in solidarity with Amanda du Pont claiming Jub Jub also raped her, via a tweet today (3 December).


Amanda du Pont claimed that Jub Jub raped her for two years via a video posted on Instagram on 2 December. This followed Jub Jub’s interview on Podcast And Chill with MacG where he claimed Kelly Khumalo lured him away from Amanda with “muti.”

“I was raped, physically and emotionally abused for two years by Jub Jub. The only thing I did wrong was keep quiet. But that ends here I will not be publicly ridiculed by this criminal. Him and Mac G saw it fit to drag my name on their podcast for clout at the cost of amplifying a Gender Based Violence Case,” she said.

Tweeps were calling for Jub Jub to be sent back to jail and Amanda, Jub Jub and Kelly trended on Twitter. After watching Amanda’s video, Masechaba Khumalo claimed Jub Jub also raped her. 

She said he was her boyfriend at the time but she was a teenager and a virgin, just like Amanda said she was. Khumalo also claimed it happened at Jub Jub’s mother’s house – Mama Jackie.

“I believe @AmandaDupont. Molemo Maarohanye (Jub Jub) raped me too. It happened in Mama Jakie’s house in Naturena. He was my boyfriend. I was a teenager. I was a virgin,” tweeted Khumalo.

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Jub Jub’s mother Jackie Maarohanye, known as Mama Jackie, trended on Twitter. Tweeps thought Mama Jackie was also a “bad person”. Articles of her allegedly kidnapping kids and scamming Oprah Winfrey resurfaced. However, Tweeps argued that some of the resurfaced articles were not actually Jub Jub’s mother.

Others thought Mama Jackie was protecting Jub Jub. 

“Behind most spoiled and irresponsible men is their mother protecting them. So much damage in society is a result of mothers like Mama Jackie & sons like Jub Jub,” wrote @Nala_Denga.

“Behind every Jub Jub, there are enablers like Mama Jackie who protect and finance their heinous crimes. Everyone in their circle knew exactly what they were doing and KEPT QUITE,” wrote @missmeyong.


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