Enhance your video conferencing experience with Logitech’s Rally Bar


Axiz has partnered with Logitech to provide your business with the best video conferencing experience – the Rally Bar.

Logitech’s Rally Bar series consists of three all-in-one video bars that suit rooms of all sizes, making these devices the perfect solution for your conference rooms.

They are easy to set up and can be connected to your Windows or Mac computer via USB without needing any additional software.

Why your business needs a Rally Bar

A Logitech Rally Bar is the ideal way for your business to upgrade its meeting experiences with cinema-grade video, outstanding sound, and impressive optical accuracy.

You can start your preconfigured room meeting at the touch of a button on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and several other platforms, while the Rally Bar also uses innovative technologies such as AI Viewfinder, human perception, and motorized PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) to always keep the camera focused on the right person.

The AI Viewfinder achieves this by using scene awareness to adapt to meeting dynamics by controlling the camera and automatically framing the action – whether this involves one person or several active members at a time.

Superior audio

The Logitech Rally Bar’s incredible adaptive video features are paired with a microphone with a 4.6m range that can pick up voices in small or large groups.

Logitech’s AI-based RightSound technology works with this microphone to suppress background noises while automatically leveling the volume of each person’s voice so that everyone is heard clearly.

The Rally Bar also employs adaptive beamforming which focuses its high-precision microphone on whoever is talking.

Audio capture can then be enhanced for larger areas with Rally Mic Pods, which are extra microphones that can be placed throughout a large room. This audio is played to the audience by advanced speakers that produce powerful, room-filling sound.

About Axiz

Logitech provides a selection of easy-to-use devices that improve meetings in any workspace, which is why Axiz has partnered with this top brand.

Axiz is a distribution partner of Logitech’s video collaboration solutions and offers three variations of the Rally Bar to suit your needs.

Click here to learn more about the Logitech Rally Bar from Axiz.

The specifications of each Logitech Rally Bar are highlighted in the table, below:

SpecificationsRally Bar MiniRally BarRally Plus
Room solutionSmall roomMedium roomLarge room
USB modeYesYesYes
Appliance modeYesYesWith RoomMate
Motorized pan tiltYesYesYes
Camera zoom4x digital5x optical

3x digital

5x optical

3x digital

AI viewfinderYesYesRightSight enabled with helper app
Expansion micsUp to two Rally Mic PodsUp to three Rally Mic PodsUp to seven Rally Mic Pods
Patented anti-vibration suspension systemYesYesYes

Rally Bar Mini

Rally Bar

Rally Plus

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