DStv subscriber charged R20,000 for installation — even with a free voucher


Well-known MyBroadband community member, Gary van den Heuvel, was charged R20,000 for a DStv installation even though he had a voucher for a free installation.

Van den Heuvel said a recent promotional offer and MultiChoice’s reorganisation of its DStv products convinced him to re-subscribe to a package with sport.

His son is an avid Formula 1 and rugby fan, and DStv offers excellent coverage of these two sports.

He purchased a new Explora Ultra Decoder from Everyshop for R2,499 — discounted from the usual R3,699 — which came with a voucher for free installation.

Van den Heuvel said re-subscribing to DStv and setting up a new debit order was easy through the company’s WhatsApp service.

He called MultiChoice’s customer service department and asked for the number of a DSTV installer.

“I explained that I would need XtraView as I would also be adding two older decoders to the system as well,” he said. “She promptly gave the number of a DStv installer.”

The support agent alerted Van den Heuvel that there may be an additional charge beyond the basic installation for adding two decoders.

DStv installation voucher

He arranged for the installer to do the installation at his house and walked them through it when he and his technician arrived.

To connect the additional decoders, located in the master bedroom and granny flat, required 277 meters of additional cabling.

Van den Heuvel previously paid R6,000 for a similar OpenView installation, which included a dish, and he expected a similar bill this time around.

The installer did the work quickly and professionally, and the full installation was completed in 3 hours.

Van den Heuvel was happy with the service — until it was time to pay.

The installer insisted on immediate payment and quizzed him about the bank he uses and whether he could do instant payment. After a discussion, they agreed on payment via FNB.

The installer then presented Van den Heuvel with a handwritten invoice for R20,000, embedded below.

“I just about had a heart attack. I had been expecting around R6,000 to a maximum of R10,000 — in line with the previous installation — minus the free installation,” he said.

“I asked the installer about the deduction for the free installation, but he merely mumbled something about the Xtraview being the free part.”

“I pointed to the almost R10,000 for the cabling, which seemed exorbitant. The installer said they only used premium copper cabling designed to last a lifetime.”

Van den Heuvel then asked for a discount, but his request was dismissed.

“I reluctantly paid the full invoice, resolving to take this up with DStv. I have emailed [email protected] and hope they will assist.”

“I am cursing myself for falling into this obvious and well-known trap.”

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