BREAKING: Land Expropriation Bill fails to achieve two-thirds majority


The Land Expropriation Bill failed to secure a two-thirds majority after only 204 Members of Parliament voted in favour of it.

Members of Parliament debated and voted on 18th Amendment Bill on Tuesday afternoon, 7 December. The Bill sought to amend Section 25 of the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation.


House Chairperson Cedrick Frolic said that for the 18th Amendment Bill to be passed it would require a supporting vote of 267 votes – a two-thirds majority.

After the votes were tallied, Frolic said the outcome of the division was 145 votes against and 204 votes in support of the Bill.

“As the required majority was not obtained the Bill will not be read a second time,” said the Chairperson.

The ANC and Al-Jamah vote in favour of the Bill and the EFF, IFP, FF PLUS, ACDP, GOOD, NFP and COPE voted against it. The exact tally of votes per party was not audible because of technical difficulties, especially with virtual voting.

However, the House Chairperson said that none of the Members of Parliament abstained from voting.


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