ActionSA members turn on each other as coalition talks continue


Some ActionSA members are furious with Herman Mashaba. As coalition talks continue, the internal political fights are underway too.

ActionSA has been around for just over a year. And despite the initial doubts over whether former DA man Herman Mashaba could really get a popular political party going, the party made history earlier this month. After contesting only 6 municipalities, ActionSA brought in over half a million votes and is now the 6th biggest party nationally.

But it seems with great power, comes great (or maybe not so great) internal political squabbles.

Disgruntled ActionSA members slam Herman Mashaba

A group of ActionSA members who did not make it onto the final party lists to be a PR councillor, are now calling ActionSA leadership “greedy.”

“We are heart broken as we were being used by our President and Action SA as a party. We started as People’s Dialogue and moved with it till now as it is now ACTION SA. Not because we are power hungry. But hungry for change in our communities and our country as a whole. We want to be compensated, for money spent in our campaigning and PR list be reviewed.

Why should a President of a party go down to be on a PR list? It shows he is the one whose power hungry.

ActionSA member Xolani Manzingana

Some party members are not happy that members of ActionSA’s leadership structure have made it on the City of Joburg councillor list. Mashaba and ActionSA leadership insist that they have tried to meet with the angry members.

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On Sunday, the party revealed that three people have had their ActionSA membership suspended due to allegedly “spreading misinformation” about the party.

Coalition talks still ongoing

While the party has its internal issues to iron out, the DA and ActionSA continue to discuss working together. On Saturday, Mashaba revealed that his party had rejected a proposal from EFF, as it would mean the ANC would receive some power in return.

ActionSA is seen as the kingmakers for either the DA or the ANC in key Gauteng metros. The party says it will not work with the ANC. So will Mashaba manage to finalise a deal with his old party? We’ll know in the coming days.


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