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20. Februar 2017

This year alone, 71 280 day visitors entered the Wilderness section of the GRNP,compared to last year’s 61 770. This is according to area manager of the Wilderness section of the park, Sandra Taljaard.

The GRNP has officially opened five newly designated areas that are specifically demarcated for day visitors in the Wilderness section of the Park. This, the GRNP says, is to better accommodate the rapidly growing number of day visitors to Wilderness.

She  says: “We  have  recorded  an  increase  of  day  visitors  as  well  as  campers  from  2014  and  thus  the  need  to  cater  to  the different needs and expectations of different visitors”.

Campers mainly visit the park for the tranquility and serenity of the riverside
camping sites, while day visitors enter the park for a variety of activities,
including nature walks and hiking trails, water activities, segways, birding and a sense of place the open access park offers.

Plans for a new adventure offering in the form of a new zipline are also being finalised at the moment.

According to SANParks, the park is expecting a further increase in the number of day visitors “as more people long to wake up to the tranquil surrounds the park offers. Every visitor to the park is lured to the wonder-world of water birds galore who are home to the Wilderness Lakes Area”.

Source: Ubuntu News Flash

Garden Route (Tsitsikamma, Knysna, Wilderness) National Park


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