We tested MTN’s 5G coverage — with impressive results


We tested MTN’s 5G coverage — with impressive results

Real-world tests of MTN’s 5G network shows that the mobile operator has good coverage in large parts of Gauteng, Cape Town, and Stellenbosch.

For this research, MyBroadband analysed speed test data from the popular MyBroadband speed test app between 1 July 2021 and 30 September 2021.

This data used included crowdsourced speed tests and controlled drive tests done by MyBroadband’s internal testing team.

During this period, MyBroadband collected 3,900 5G tests on MTN’s network in Gauteng and 900 5G tests in the Western Cape.

MyBroadband used the location of successful 5G speed tests and plotted them on MTN’s 5G coverage map.

There were numerous 5G tests in densely populated areas, but very few tests in outlying areas.

A good example is Stellenbosch. MTN’s 5G network is extensively used in the town centre but not in the surrounding areas.

This may be because there is only spotty 5G coverage in these areas, or very few MTN subscribers have 5G capable phones on farms. It may also just be that people do not perform speed tests in these farming communities.

MyBroadband recorded a few 5G tests outside MTN’s official 5G coverage, which may point to a conservative coverage map in some areas. It happened mostly in the Centurion and Pretoria Central areas.

In summary, the data revealed that MTN’s 5G coverage map is accurate and that the operator has an extensive 5G footprint in South Africa’s major metropolitan areas.

MTN 5G coverage in Gauteng (red = 5G coverage; blue = successful 5G tests)

MTN 5G coverage in the Western Cape (red = 5G coverage; blue = successful 5G tests)

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