Starlink launches Wi-Fi at Tesla charging stations


Starlink launches Wi-Fi at Tesla charging stations

Tesla has begun installing Starlink satellite internet systems at its Supercharger stations to provide its customers with connectivity while charging, Electrek reported.

To provide its customers with entertainment during recharges, the satellite Internet service combined with Tesla’s in-car apps will allow owners to watch streaming services and play games.

Tesla’s Theatre app allows customers to access streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, and Twitch, while its Arcade app includes several video games.

Tesla recently shortened the trial period for its premium connectivity service that allows users to access these in-car apps through the carmaker’s LTE cellular connectivity.

Those who do not opt to continue the service after the trial can still access the apps when connected to Wi-Fi, which CEO Elon Musk said he would supply at the charging stations.

Musk indicated that Starlink’s satellite Internet service would supply Wi-Fi connectivity at Supercharger stations.

True to his word, the installation of antennas has begun with several Tesla owners spotting them at the stations.

A Reddit user (u/HollywoodSX) posted a photo of an antenna installed at a Supercharger station in Lake City, Florida.

Starlink’s service is powered by more than 1,500 satellites, and the service is operating in about a dozen countries.

Musk said in August that Starlink had shipped 100,000 satellite terminals to subscribers.

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