Big Vodacom 5G surprise


Comparing Vodacom’s coverage map and real-world tests revealed that the mobile operator’s 5G coverage is far more extensive than anticipated.

MyBroadband used 2,500 5G speed tests performed using its popular speed test app during Q3 2021 to create a rough coverage map of Vodacom’s 5G service.

The speed tests included crowdsourced results and controlled drive tests done by MyBroadband Insights’ team.

We used the results to plot locations where successful 5G speed tests were performed. We then compared these locations with Vodacom’s coverage map.

This research revealed that Vodacom’s coverage map greatly understates the actual coverage of its 5G network.

Hundreds of successful tests were performed on the Vodacom 5G network outside of the areas covered on the mobile operator’s map.

In the Western Cape, coverage is only shown near Cape Town International airport and around Century City.

While there were numerous successful 5G tests in these coverage areas, we could also perform 5G tests around the Waterfront, in Sea Point, the Cape Town CBD, Claremont, Kirstenhof, Blouberg, and Pinehurst.

In Gauteng, the situation was very similar. Coverage is only shown on the official map around the University of Pretoria, Menlyn, a small part of Centurion, some spots in Midrand, and an area in Johannesburg around Sandton.

These areas had a bunch of successful 5G tests, confirming that there is indeed coverage, but 5G tests were also performed across large parts of Pretoria, in a big part of Centurion, Midrand, and all over Johannesburg, as far away as Roodepoort and Springs.

Vodacom’s 5G coverage is, therefore, far more extensive than its coverage map suggests, as shown in the images below.

Vodacom 5G coverage in Gauteng (red = 5G coverage; blue = successful 5G tests)

Vodacom 5G coverage in the Western Cape (red = 5G coverage; blue = successful 5G tests)

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