Afrihost slashes MTN fixed LTE prices — 800GB for R749


Afrihost has revamped its MTN Pure LTE packages, offering more data and reduced pricing on its uncapped offering.

The fixed-LTE service provides customers with speeds of up to 100Mbps on the MTN network.

The price changes come after MTN launched its own uncapped fixed-LTE offers and Telkom reduced prices on its SmartBroadband Wireless LTE packages.

Afrihost’s Pure LTE products now start at R199 per month for 40GB of anytime and 40GB of offpeak data — the same price for which the previous 30GB + 30GB product was available.

The price cuts are even more significant on bigger packages.

The 60GB + 60GB package has been replaced with a 90GB + 90GB for the same R349 price, while the old 100GB + 100GB package for R549 per month has been succeeded by a 200GB + 200GB product.

There is also a new 400GB + 400GB package available for R749 per month, the same price as the old 150GB + 150GB product.

The biggest saving is on its Uncapped offering, which has dropped from R2,949 to R949 per month.

Afrihost told MyBroadband that existing customers will receive the new data allocations from 1 November 2021 and their pricing will be updated from 1 December.

The table below summarises the changes on Afrihost’s Pure LTE packages.

Afrihost Pure LTE price changes
Old package New package Old price New price Change
30GB + 30GB 40GB + 40GB R199 R199 33% more data
60GB + 60GB 90GB + 90GB R349 R349 50% more data
100GB + 100GB 200GB + 200GB R549 R549 Double data
150GB + 150GB 400GB + 400GB R749 R749 167% more data
200GB + 200GB Uncapped R949 R949 Uncapped
300GB + 300GB Uncapped R1,349 R949 Uncapped and R400 saving
500GB + 500GB Uncapped R1,949 R949 Uncapped and R1,000 saving
Uncapped Uncapped R2,949 R949 R2,000 saving

MTN’s nighttime data is valid between midnight and 05:00.

These prices are for SIM-only packages on a month-to-month basis.

It should be noted that using the service requires one of four MTN-approved routers — the ZTE M286, Huawei B525, Huawei B612, or Huawei B618.

Afrihost is offering the ZTE MF286c at R1,499, R1,000 less than its normal price.

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