Shannon Young calls Babar a world-class player


Shannon Young, Australia’s top power-hitter, called Pakistan captain Babar Azam “a world class player” after the T20 World Cup.”He is well, he is a world class player,” Young said of Babar’s strike rate amid criticism. The coach stated Australians rarely criticize world-class players.

“We support them and say they’ll be world-class players again. “I think sometimes the passion tips over that these guys carry so much expectation through Pakistan’s best player, he’ll be fine,” Young said. The coach praised Babar as a wonderful guy who is doing amazing job with the academy and giving young boys and girls the chance (which is fantastic).

Young said he will invite high-performing Australian players and younger cricketers to Pakistan next year for tours. Maybe April, we hope. As I’ve always wanted to visit Pakistan, I knew Australians would adore it when I got the chance. I intend to bring a few cricket tours here “said.

Australia's top power-hitter coach calls Babar a world-class player


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