Pele: Brazil soccer legend hospitalized for colon tumor


“He is in stable condition and expected to be released in the next few days,” the spokesperson told CNN.

Pelé, 81, underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his right colon in September 2021, which was found by doctors during routine examinations.

“When the path is difficult, celebrate each step of the journey,” Pele wrote on Instagram at the time.

“Focus on your happiness. It’s true that I can’t jump anymore, but these past few days, I’ve been punching the air more times than usual.

Brazil legend Pele leaves hospital after surgery to remove tumor

“Thanks also to all of you, who from afar, make my life complete with so many messages of love.”

The three-time World Cup winner, who burst onto the international stage as a teenager the 1958 World Cup, has remained in the spotlight even after his retirement through international product endorsements and as an outspoken public figure.

In 2000, FIFA named Pelé as its Player of the Century, an honor he shared with Argentina’s Diego Maradona.

Last year, there were fears over Pelé’s health, but he dismissed reports that he was suffering from depression during his recovery from hip surgery.


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