Chelsea’s Mauricio Pochettino believes “we need to split”

Before the match against Nottingham Forest on Saturday, Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino made some career-related revelations, outlining what would happen if the owners fired him. Argentine-born stated that he is equally responsible for the decision as the owners of Chelsea.

Chelsea’s Mauricio Pochettino believes “we need to split”

Pochettino declared that he is satisfied at the club and that his team needs to talk to him about the hierarchy in the end.

“If we are happy then it’s perfect,” said the former coach of Paris Saint Germain to the media. “But it’s not only if the owners are happy… because you need to ask us also, because maybe we are not happy and we need to split.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time a coaching staff decided not to keep going,” Pochettino said. I could declare my intention to leave tomorrow. If they decide, it will be double and not just because Chelsea, the owner, or the sporting director are unhappy.

Chelsea's Mauricio Pochettino believes "we need to split"

The world won’t end if we split, he said.

Under the former Southampton manager who was hired in July, the Fulham-based team endured a rocky year. Winning against Spurs and West Ham United improved his standing.

“We need to see today but maybe [Reece] can be available in the squad, yes,” said Chelsea boss Reece James, who has also recovered from his injuries.