Post Office works on improving service


The SA Post Office (Sapo) is working hard to improve its service, while paying out social relief of distress grants to thousands of South Africans. 

In a statement on Monday, the Post Office said the facility that allows customers who collect their grant from Pick ‘n Pay and Boxer supermarkets is gaining popularity.

“In the last week of October 2021, a total of 334 000 people withdrew their grant from a Post Office branch.  Just over 59 000 (8.4%) withdrew their grants from a Pick ‘n Pay or Boxer supermarket.

“Where possible, the SA Post Office has introduced separate queues for grant beneficiaries to ensure that customers who visit their post office for a regular transaction are served as quickly as possible,” Sapo said.

Transaction speed at post office counters has been improved by a national network upgrade project.

A total of 1 270 out of 1 329 sites (97%) are now fully commissioned with new equipment and upgraded connectivity.

The remaining 59 sites either require alternative solutions or they are so remote that no viable infrastructure is available. 

“The Post Office has countered the reduction of revenue brought about by the COVID-19 restrictions with a cost-saving drive. At the end of August 2021, expenses for the financial year stood at 88% of the budgeted amount.

“Further steps to reduce the company’s fixed costs in the long run are being implemented, such as voluntary severance packages,” Sapo said.

Set-top boxes

The Post Office has reiterated its call to qualifying households to apply for a free subsidised television decoder. 

In October 2021, almost 60 000 households applied for a subsidised decoder. 

“The Northern Cape was the first to switch to digital signals only; the analogue signals interfered with the satellite signals of the Square Kilometre Array in the area.

“A South African identity document, proof of address and proof of income are required to apply.  If you do not have proof of address or income – for example, if you are unemployed – your local post office will help you to complete an affidavit to confirm these,” Sapo. –



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