Greater Evaton water safe for consumption, says Rand Water


Rand Water has assured residents that the contamination which affected the quality of drinking water in the Greater Evaton area has been resolved and tap water is now safe for consumption.

The water contamination affected the quality of drinking water in Palm Springs, Zone 7 Sebokeng, Beverly Hills, Sonder Water, Graceland, Lakeside Zone 3, Zone 6, Small Farms, and Evaton North and West in Emfuleni Local Municipality.

In a joint statement, Rand Water and the Emfuleni Local Municipality said an investigation into the water contamination was launched following complaints from the communities on 28 and 30 March 2024, respectively. 

The team was led by experts from the municipality and Rand Water and included engineers, scientists and operational specialists who focused their investigation on identifying the root cause of the contamination. 

The investigation revealed that the contamination was due to leaking sewerage pipes which seeped into the drinking water pipes. 

“Both the sewerage and drinking water pipes were replaced, and the drinking water pipes were disinfected to remove all traces of the contamination. Once the water pipes were flushed, drinking water in the affected areas was taken for testing and analysis at Rand Water ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. 

“On 17 April 2024, the scientists at Rand Water laboratory achieved the third consecutive microbiological results confirming the preliminary results which revealed that the water quality has been restored to the acceptable South African National Standard (SANS) 241 standards for drinking water,” Rand Water said.

SANS 241 is a drinking water specification that states the minimum requirements for potable water to be considered safe for human consumption.

Rand Water noted that during the process of fixing pipes and water testing, roaming water tankers were distributed to ensure that affected communities have access to clean water. 

These water tanker services will be withdrawn from areas in Greater Evaton. 

“Rand Water as the bulk water services provider and the ELM as the Water Services Authority wish to assure communities that both institutions continue to be committed to providing quality drinking water that complies with all the requirements of SANS 241 standards,” the entity said.

Arrest suspects commended

Meanwhile, Rand Water has commended the arrest of suspects in connection with the murder of Rand Water Executive, Teboho Joala and his personal protector, Sifiso Shange during a back-to-school event held at Zakariyya Park on 29 January 2024.

The three suspects were arrested last week and appeared at the Lenasia Magistrate’s Court in Johannesburg on Monday.

The accused are facing two counts of premeditated murder and three counts of attempted murder charges.

The case was postponed to 29 April 2024 for bail application.

“Rand Water commends the swift action taken by the South African Police Service in investigating the matter and welcomes the arrest of individuals suspected of this brutal act which resulted with the loss of lives of our executive and his personal protector.

“Rand Water is still mourning the loss of Teboho Joala and Sifiso Shange and will continue to observe the proceedings and developments in this case, hoping that the perpetrators will be prosecuted successfully,” the entity said. –


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