Axxess Uncapped LTE On-Demand – Ultimate Internet flexibility


Switch from 5GB Anytime data to Uncapped Fixed LTE whenever you want with the new Uncapped LTE On-Demand service from Axxess.

For only R99pm, you can get the flexible 5GB Anytime data package that allows you to switch to Uncapped LTE for R779pm whenever you choose.

The product’s flexibility allows you to pay for Uncapped LTE when you need it, which makes it perfect for businesses or holiday homeowners who need uncapped Internet on-demand.

For example, John owns a holiday home by the beach which he only visits in the summer.

He needs unlimited Internet for the entire time he is there – with Uncapped LTE On-Demand, he can simply upgrade for the month or two he is there, and when he leaves, he can revert to the base 5GB product.

This product is also great as a backup service when your primary Internet connection is down or unavailable.

Take Jane for example, a small business owner who needs a backup solution when her primary Fibre connection experiences issues.

Jane can get the Uncapped LTE On-Demand service to stay connected, and when she needs unlimited Internet coverage in the case that her Fibre line experiences issues, she can easily switch to Uncapped LTE for the rest of the month.

Upgrading is available at the click of a button, and you will only be charged the difference between the Uncapped LTE price and the base fee of R99.

The On-Demand upgrade also offers options for how long you want to stay Uncapped. You can set your LTE to be uncapped for the rest of the current month or for the next month too.

Alternatively, you can choose to permanently stay on Uncapped LTE.

Get connected. Get Axxess Uncapped LTE On-Demand.

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