Kenyan protesters not giving up despite violence and deaths


Kenyan protesters intend going back to the streets on Wednesday to continue with their agitations over new tax hikes.

The protests that started last week over the government decision to increase taxes have sparked violence and deadly reaction from security agencies.

Lawmakers did remove some tax hikes including ones on bread and cooking oil, but inserted others in an effort to avoid a budget gap.

When the young protesters stormed the parliament on Tuesday after lawmakers passed the new taxes, they were shot at by the police with at least five people being killed and dozens wounded.

Despite the threats of violent reaction from the security agencies, the protesters have vowed to continue.

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Kenyan President William Ruto told citizens in a televised address that the protest has been “hijacked by dangerous people”.

“Today’s events mark a critical point on how we respond to threats to our peace,” he said. “We will ensure a situation of this nature does not recur again.

Ruto was elected in 2022 after promising to deal with corruption and fix the country’s shore economic situation to benefit the poor.

Recent push back from citizens is testing Ruto’s resolve and plans for fixing the economy as he claims the new tax bill is key to building the nation.

Ruto said he was opened to dialogue to resolve the concerns of the protesters.

During the address of President William Ruto, he promised the Kenyan youth to provide a framework for a conversation to be processed and its outcomes implemented.

“However, our national conversations on any subject matter must be conducted in a manner that respects and honours the foundational values upon which our nation is established : constitutionalism, the rule of law, and respect of institutions,” he said


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