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Takealot shrinks trading loss to R31 million


Takealot shrinks trading loss to R31 million

The Takealot Group grew revenues by 36% while decreasing trading losses to “near breakeven” of $2 million (R31 million), Naspers reported in its interim results for the six months to 30 September 2021.

“This is an improvement of 67% (67%), driven by higher gross margins at’s general ecommerce platform and Superbalist, which improved trading profit margins by one percentage point and nine percentage points respectively and are nearing profitability,” Naspers stated.

Takealot Group comprises, Mr D Food, and Superbalist. According to Naspers, the ecommerce group continued to benefit from the shift to online, Naspers stated.

The fastest-growing categories were consumables, home, lifestyle and media.

Third-party marketplace sales continued to outpace first-party offerings, with first-party retail sales growing 15% and third-party marketplace sales growing 55%.

“Mr D Food, delivered strong results with order volumes growing 88% as consumer spending shifted from restaurant dining to online delivery,” Naspers stated.

“Superbalist grew revenue and trading margins despite increasing competition from brick-and-mortar fashion retailers.”

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