Good news for South African programmers


Demand for programming skills has increased by 66% since January this year, according to CareerJunction’s (CJI) Index for October 2021.

The CJI report represents labour dynamics in South Africa by analysing the relationship between supply and demand in the online job market.

Their analysis is based on data gathered from the CareerJunction website.

The report showed that hiring activity in South Africa increased slightly over October, while job search activity remained the same.

According to the CJI report, employment opportunities in South Africa increased over August, September, and October.

ICT vacancies on CareerJunction — October 2020 to October 2021

However, recruitment was more difficult as there were fewer potential job seekers per job advertisement.

The CJI settled at 102 index points, indicating less competition in the job search market.

The report showed that Information Technology skills are most sought-after, making up 30% of demand.

CareerJunction said that an outline of vacancy levels across different industries, indicated by the chart below, shows where most employment occurs.

“The IT, business & management and finance sectors are undoubtedly the most sought-after sectors, followed by the sales, admin, office & support and architecture & engineering sectors, among others listed,” it said.

“Hiring activity has been growing within the admin, office & support sector, building & construction sector, medical & health sector, manufacturing & assembly sector, ICT sector and warehousing & logistics sector over the last two months,” CJI added.

The chart below also depicts the relative number of potential job seekers across various sectors.

The current relationship between supply and demand in the job market makes for a less competitive environment for job seekers.

CJI’s report also provided information on “Trending Jobs” over October.

The table below summarises these “Trending Jobs” and the average salary ranges for intermediate-level positions.

CareerJunction Trending Jobs
Position Gauteng Western Cape KwaZulu-Natal
IT Project Administration & Management R50,184–R71,585 R45,403–R62,086 R39,532–R50,760
Middle & Department Management R53,259–R66,987 R42,875–R54,294 R45,801–R57,710
Systems & Network Administration R33,545–R47,942 R27,279–R37,724 R26,805–R31,529

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