Build a mobile app for your company for 2022


Codehesion is South Africa’s top smartphone app development company and makes it easy for companies to get a new Android or iOS app.

Codehesion has a track record of building world-class mobile apps. It was recognised at the 2021 Supersonic New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards with two app awards.

A big advantage of using Codehesion is that they take care of everything – planning, design, building, and getting it listed on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

They also advise companies whether it is better to outsource the whole project or use Codehesion’s software engineers for in-house development.

After the app is completed, companies have the option to support the app themselves or use Codehesion on a retainer.

Free app consultation

To make it easy for companies to see what is needed to build a smartphone app, Codehesion offers South African companies a free and easy consultation process.

This consultation process helps with planning the best route to develop the app and forecasting how much it is expected to cost.

For a risk-free consultation – Contact Codehesion here.


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