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SASSA payments impacted by Postbank technical challenge


SASSA has notified its customers about a technical problem at the Postbank that can impact the R350 transactions

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has notified recipients of its grants about technical problems affecting payments from the Postbank.

Today, Thursday, 23 June, the Postbank advised its customers of technical difficulties affecting transactional access.

In a statement, the Postbank wrote:

The Postbank wishes to advise its customers that it is currently experiencing technical difficulties that affect customers’ ability to perform transactions.

The technical difficulties are due to an outage in one of our data centres earlier today.
Unfortunately the impact of the outage affects access to services across many of our channels that includes ATMS, retail merchants and in-bank transactions.

Access to Social Relief of Distress(SRD R350) grants fund and other SASSA payments through these channels is also impacted.

The Postbank apologised to its valued customers for the inconvenience caused, “and we are working hard to resolve the matter,” they assured.

Postbank will advise customers of the expected time to resolve the technical challenge.


SASSA hosted a live engagement session on social media to discuss the R350 grant – taking questions from any person with a query about the grant payment processes.

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The session came after an outcry from the public from people who claimed they were either declined or never paid by the agency.

To enquire more about SASSA or the Postbank visit their social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter.

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