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Clothes that grow: Designer makes kidswear that stretches as kids develop


An aeronautical engineer and designer found a way to sustain fashion trends & the environment with garments that stretch as kids grow.

Seeing your kids grow is one of the most exciting and fulfilling aspects of being a parent, but growth and development means outgrowing some of those clothing items that are still in good condition and very suitable to wear.

Aeronautical engineer and designer Ryan Mario Yasin has come up with a great way to make sure children wear their favourite items even when they’ve become bigger and taller. Moms and dads, this means you get to save financially and also take care of the environment.


Founded in 2017 Petit Pli invents and applies groundbreaking material technologies that solve problems for individuals, businesses and the planet across the textiles value chain.

With this, Yasin has designed childrenswear that stretches with kids as they develop.

“We create a specific fabric with an auxetic property which means that as it expands along its length, it grows along its width,” the aeronautical engineer says.

Their garments can expand up to seven sizes at different stages of development, preventing the need to consume more.

In addition, the materials are ultra-lightweight, rainproof and recyclable.

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Originally from Rekjavic, Iceland, Yasin recognized the eco-friendly opportunity after his young nephew was rapidly outgrowing garments.

“Shortly after Viggo was born Ryan gifted him clothes, but by the time they arrived they were already too small. This served as a signal: childrenswear today fails to recognise the dynamic and rapidly changing bodies of earth’s little humans,” reads the Petit Pli site.

As a result, Ryan created a garment that would grow with his nephew, reducing water and carbon footprints, and the need to keep buying new clothes.

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