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Vodacom’s big 5G plans — including a R11 billion network investment


Vodacom plans to spend at least R11 billion this year to enhance its network infrastructure, including providing 5G coverage to more parts of the country.

It currently has 5G network coverage in all of South Africa’s provinces, and the allocation of the new spectrum will help it to densify its 5G services.

MyBroadband asked Vodacom for an update on its 5G coverage in the country, and it said that relevant use cases and customer and corporate demands would drive its continued rollout.

“Vodacom has committed a minimum spend of R11 billion to enhance our network infrastructure in South Africa during the next financial year,” a spokesperson told MyBroadband.

“This includes the provision of 5G coverage to more parts of the country.”

The spokesperson also said that Vodacom now offers 5G network coverage in all of South Africa’s nine provinces.

Vodacom acquired 110Mhz of high-demand spectrum in the 700MHz, 2,600MHz, and 3,500MHz bands when the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa’s auction concluded in March 2022.

Its spokesperson said the new spectrum would help improve its 5G services.

“The licensing of new spectrum will allow Vodacom to accelerate the densification of its existing 5G services.”

Regarding the new spectrum, Vodacom previously told MyBroadband that it expects to use it to improve network speeds and that it would allow the operator to provide new product and pricing options.

“The additional spectrum acquired through the auction, specifically the contiguous 80 MHz in the 2600 MHz band, will allow Vodacom to deliver 5G services with even higher throughputs,” a spokesperson said.

“Vodacom has begun to upgrade its network to enable the use of this new spectrum. Once deployed, Vodacom 5G customers will experience even faster download speeds and will be exposed to new product and pricing options,” they added.

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